11 Things To Say To Your Life Partner Instead Of ‘I love you’

You Don’t Have to Say “I Love You” to Say “I Love You”

Respect to Troye Sivan for the title, which are lyrics from his song “For Him.”  Regardless of which side you butter your bread on, that’s an excellent song to dedicate to someone you love, by the way. Sometimes, “I love you” sounds a little cliché, a bit trite. You want to say more while still imparting the same sentiment. That’s cool; I got you.

1. “I want to be around you.”

Letting someone know that you genuinely want to spend time with them unquestionably says “I love you.” Free time is always at a premium, particularly once you begin to adult in earnest. You have to carefully mete out your free time as if it’s a free sample at Costco. It’s often more valuable than money, at least if you’re in love.

2. “I got you.”

Props to Jax Teller, without whom this paraphrase would not be possible. Having a lover’s back is everything. It means you’ll be there no matter what. You’re offering a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, a ride, a word of advice, a hug—anything. No matter the circumstances or situation, you’re there. You got this.

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