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20 Reasons Why Dating Sucks in 2015

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Reasons Why Dating Sucks

Stop staring at your phones!!.Don’t get me wrong, dating is fun, there’s just some stuff that sucks. And here’s some of the things I’ve found that suck. Maybe you are the type of person who enjoys dating. You like the thrill of the chase and you own a black American Express card (for those of you who don’t know what that is, it means you have a massive line of credit and you are probably filthy f**king rich).

But, for those humble souls who don’t have endless credit, for those who are war torn from the interview process and for those daring individuals who look forward to a monogamous committed relationship as if it was like crossing into Eden—dating sucks. Check out this 20 reasons why dating sucks.

What do you hate most about the current "dating scene"?

Guys only want sex like they're trying to reach a goal

The fact it isn't even dating it's just hooking up with someone until a better lay comes around. Chivalry and real dating is dead....

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