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3 Reasons Why You Can’t Obsess About Whether Your Partner Is Cheating

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Wow, I say. What else might we learn? Kermit was never really into Miss Piggy and the earth is, in fact, round? I am really glad we got those things out of the way. Otherwise, we would be all obsessed about why people cheat on each other and what we can do to prevent said cheating. What? We do obsess about these things? How unhealthy and unproductive can we be? I can think of at least 3 absolutely legitimate reasons why we should stop said obsessions. And as a side note, if I say the word obsess one more time in this article, please feel free to send me hate mail. Now, where was I?

Reason #1: A Relationship Is About Trust and Commitment.

If we must worry about being cheated on, we are, in fact, doubting said trust and commitment. Think about it. What would possess you to put any thought to whether you are being cheated on besides self-doubt or doubt in your partner? And, before you hit me with the idea that we are physical creatures or that monogamous relationships are unnatural,allow me to say: Yes, we are physical, and we are in a trusting and committed relationship with someone that we should be physical with. If you doubt the legitimacy of monogamous relationships, don’t be in one.

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