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5 Obvious Signs That Your Girlfriend Is Loyal To You

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How To Ensure A Woman Is LOYAL To You
One of the biggest things, obviously, about
having a great girlfriend, is that you can
truly TRUST her to be FAITHFUL to you no
matter WHAT.

1. That she can handle any temptation from any
man, anywhere, at any time.

You don’t have to worry about her getting drunk
and losing control at some party, you don’t
have to worry that she is going to lose
attraction for you, you don’t have to worry
about her falling for some manipulative
tactics by someone else who is trying to
make you look bad, etc, etc.

Now the thing is, if you want a woman like this,
it’s a very CAREFUL balance you have to find,
between being very SELECTIVE about what kind
of women you date, and it’s ALSO important
that you show the RIGHT kind of behavior
that makes her WANT to STAY faithful to you.

And here is one of the BIGGEST IRONIES:

If you meet a really GREAT girl, a woman who
has all the qualities on the outside AND on
the inside, including her appreciation for
mutual LOYALTY, one of the WORST things you
could do is to PUT PRESSURE ON HER from the
BEGINNING of your interaction and relationship
with her to be “faithful”.

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