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6 Reasons Why Crazy Girls Are Better At Sex And Love

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Reasons Why Crazy Girls Are Better At Sex And Love

OK, lovely ladies, before you find yourself painfully offended and reeling at the seemingly sexist title of this article, please grant me a quick opportunity to entice you with a simple review of what I mean when I use the term “crazy.” See, my intentions on this glorious day are to boldly reclaim the word “crazy.”

I wish to release it from the ever-constraining shackles of negativity and take the word “crazy” back from the epically dull, mindless sheep who collectively branded us “crazy” to begin with.

Let me provide you with a bit of backstory: See, I’m a girl who has been called “crazy” more times than I care to count on both of my cocktail-ring adorned hands, and it used to piss me the f*ck off.

Through the oh-so-easily jilted lens in which my younger self viewed this complicated world, “crazy” was a word that oozed with negativity.

Until I realized that if thinking for myself and rejecting society’s notion of what happiness is supposed to look like makes me “crazy”— I’ll happily take it.

There are so many fabulous “crazy girls” who stifle their inner-crazy because they’re terrified that if they dare to reveal their true crazy-girl colors, they will be written off as unattractive to men.

That their fate will be diminished to that of a lone spinster with only her collection of 63 kittens written into her will. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

So what is it, exactly, about crazy girls that make us the best partners you will ever have (and never forget)?

1. We love with a reckless abandon.

We crazy girls love with our whole, bare hearts. If we so choose to get wed, we are the girls who will marry you for the right reasons.

The very idea of being with someone based on the superficial notions of “appearances” and “financial security” is utterly insane to us.

We don’t have preconceived perceptions about the gender or race or class of the person we’re supposed to “fall in love” with. We are literally colorblind and just know that when we feel it, we feel it.

We don’t associate love with fear or conditions. We fall into you quickly and heedlessly. We are PROUD to love you, whomever you are, wherever you come from, whatever you look like.nxt

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