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6 Reasons Why Having Kids Is GOOD For Your Relationship

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Having Kids Is GOOD For Your Relationship
We’re bucking the studies to show you why and how you can be a parent and happy with your spouse too.
Without a doubt, having kids can be stressful, expensive, exhausting and it can put a strain on your relationship. You’re suddenly responsible for the care and upbringing of this precious little person (or little people) and that can feel like a heavy weight that only gets heavier as the years go on.

A recent study of 1,630 married couples found that those with children reported lower “marital satisfaction” than those who did not have children.Having Kids Is GOOD For Your Relationship

Different research showed that after 18 or 20 years of marriage– about the time kids have grown up and moved out of the house– couples who stayed together were able to rekindle passion and connection. The time in-between the honeymoon and empty nest phases of life, however, wasn’t all that happy.

Of course, these surveys and studies don’t dictate what YOUR experience has to be. There are plenty of folks who create happy, close and passionate marriages and they have children too.

It’s not always easy to keep your marriage healty and connected when you have a family, but it’s most definitely possible. You may actually find that your relationship is better off because of your decision to have kids.

Here’s why…

#1: Your focus shifts.

When you have children who need your care, attention and love, you have to shift at least some of your focus back to them. It can be too easy to become a workaholic or obsessed by your job or community status, but having kids draws you back home. No matter how busy you and your spouse are, home is what ties you together and reinforces your bond with one another.

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