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6 Signs He Is Madly in Love with you

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I’m going to share today that what sign show he is madly in love with you. You have seen and noticed her behavior, but you can’t really figure out if this means that he has fallen in love with you. He won’t say it and you are clearly failing at reading his actions. Boys do not realize it themselves at times so it is obviously natural that he won’t talk about it. Here are some signs that he is madly in love with you now.

6. He plans his future with you .

If he talks about home, kids, pets and plans it with you. Talks about savings, buying home, your recommendation and preferences, likes and dislikes then he is serious about you. He wants to buy a sports car in future and asks you if you like the idea or what would be your preference. He talks about names of future kids. He is planning future because he wants to spend rest of his life with you

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