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2 years ago

6 Tell Tale Signs Your Relationship Is Over

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Is Your Relationship Over?

“You’re not the same person I first met.” 

“It just doesn’t seem like you care as much as you used to.” 

“Honey…just because I didn’t text you back, doesn’t mean I don’t love you.”

Do these sound familiar? Do you feel like you are working way too hard to keep your relationship alive? Is it really alive, even after all of your hard work?

Hey, sometimes we’ve got to call it quits. It’s a very difficult thing to do. And you just might not know if it’s time. You may not be noticing (or could be ignoring) some definitive signs that point to the looming end of your relationship. Here’s 7. I’d say cut your losses and break it off now if you can answer yes to 3 of them:

1. He’s Not on Top of Texts Anymore

Remember the endless texting in the beginning?

Remember that feeling you got when you would see his name pop up on your screen right after a text notification?

Compare that to the way things are now. If you’re experiencing extra long wait times for replies and see that it’s becoming a pattern, there may be something wrong.

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