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6 Things A Strong Woman Should Never Apologize For

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There is certainly a time and place for asking for forgiveness, and women can show strength by being humble when needed. Asking for forgiveness when we make a mistake is a positive character trait, whereas over-apologizing can be seen as a sign of weakness.

“I’m sorry” can roll off of the tongue so easily that it can leave you wondering if you did anything that was really worth apologizing for. When an apology is called for, a strong woman does the right thing, but there are at least 6 things that she should never feel that she has to apologize for.


A strong woman knows that she can’t be her best for others unless she is already at her best. By taking care of her own needs before helping her family, boss or community, she is able to do more for them.

But first she has to be healthy, financially secure, and mentally strong. Strong women don’t apologize for prioritizing their to do list with taking care of her own needs.

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