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2 years ago

6 Things Women Want In Bed But Will Never Tell You

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Things Women Want In Bed

Since the evolution of humankind, men have been working their brains too hard to understand the fairer $ex. Decoding women and their thoughts is, indeed, one of the biggest mysteries of all times. Moreover, when it comes to what women want in bed, the discussion becomes all the more mysterious. So, let us help you guys out there, and tell you about few things that most women want in bed but would never say. Well, maybe they are too shy or they just want you to understand them better.

1. Play a little rough

Play a little rough

You will be surprised to see this in the list, but yes some women do like their men to be a little dominant in bed, at times. This does not mean that you have to go all the way rough on her. It is best to control your emotions and see how she reacts to it. But, yes, some women do enjoy getting into the rough areas and a little dirty talk to top it up! Also, an occasional change is always good to keep your act between the sheets, fresh and enjoyable.

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