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6 Things Your Man Really Wishes You’d Say To Him

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In this article we sharing what really man wishes to say you but he can’t how you know him what he wishing to say you. It’s easy to talk about what WE want and what we want our men to do (and say) FOR us. But then I brought up the question, “What do men really want from us in return?” More specifically, “What are the words the men in our life most want to hear us say?”

“I want you,” my friend Ann piped in. “You are so smart/sexy/handsome,” said Toni. “Thank you,” said Marie. “Men want to feel appreciated.”

Intent on getting to the real answer, I created a one-question survey and posted the link to my Facebook Page with this message: “Men, take this three-minute survey and share with me what you most long for your woman to say to you.”

In a blink of an eye, I had 25 replies from men ages 40 to 60. Here are the top seven things (in reverse order) they collectively said they MOST want to hear the women in their lives say to them:

6. You make me feel safe + You make me feel beautiful  

When a man loves you, he wants to take care of you and make you feel special. Letting him know his efforts are successful inspires him to keep working hard at building a life with you. As one man explained, “When a woman tells me those two things, I feel I’ve built a good place for us in which all other things are possible.”

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