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8 Signs He Wants to Marry You

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8 Signs He Wants to Marry You

Getting married, is a very tough decision that many men are not brave enough to make. Men shy away from serious commitments and marriage is one of them. They prefer casual relationships and lose our interest as soon as responsibilities increase. Some men, though, are totally engrossed in the relationship and are completely willing to hold up responsibilities for the two people involved. We women, are never sure about the category, in which their man lies in. We list down few signs that will help you know if your man is interested in marrying you or not:


If he imagines you having a lead role in the big picture, he will include you in family holidays and bring you as his plus one to other special events. He wouldn’t want his family and friends to get close to you if he didn’t want you to stick around for the long haul.

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