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8 Signs He’s The Real Person You Should Be Marrying

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Real Person You Should Be Marrying

We all know it’s common to “kiss a lot of frogs” before finding the right partner. The good news? It’s all worth it, because once you do find your match everything else begins to fall into place. Last year, I was insecure about having a serious boyfriend when I didn’t have full-time employment. I thought I had nothing to offer without a cool job, but the man I adore ended up helping me get to where I need to be career-wise, and the individual you’re meant to end up with will do the same and more. You may not immediately know that your significant other is going to be your spouse someday, but here are some signs that you two are bound for life.

1. He tells you to have your “Girls Nights”.

This is something I haven’t seen in a lot of men but it should be more common than it already is. A guy who pushes you to have girls nights is a guy who knows how important your girls are for you and he knows you need to spend your own “me time” with them to stay happy. It also means that he isn’t a need freak who can’t see you have fun on your own without him being there. Keep in mind, a guy is writing this article and I tell my girlfriend to go out with her girls all the time. It’s a very healthy trait to have for men.

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