8 Signs You’re With A Man Who Actually Respects You

Wondering if your relationship is built on respect? Here are eight signs that Are that would approve of your love.

1. Your partner listens to you

A sign of respect is that your partner really listens to what you have to say. He or she isn’t just using the time you spend speaking as an opportunity come up with his or her next point (come on, we all know people like that); rather, your partner listens to you carefully and responds accordingly.

2. Your partner is proud of you

If your S.O. respects you, he or she is both proud of you and proud to be with you, independently of how you make him or her look. Sometimes people have partners who are proud of what their S.O.s can reflect back on to them (For example, a guy might be proud of his girlfriend because she’s hot, in turn making him look hot), but this is more about vanity than respect. Someone who truly respects you is proud of who you are as a person, full stop.

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