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Dear Men: 6 Things We Really Want on Valentine’s Day Instead of a Gift

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Things We Really Want on Valentine's Day Instead of a Gift

Hey i’m kelly! here from Relationship Quotes page .Well, I’m here to help you this year fellas. Contrary to popular belief, while presents and extravagant tokens of affection are all well and good for your spoiled bougie boo, there’s also some other stuff she needs from you that money just can’t buy. When you get all of these items in line, sometimes we could actually care less about a gift… Check out below 6 things that your partner really want on this Valentine’s day instead of Gift:

1. Your Time:

Sure, you called Paris and had them overnight the new exclusive pair of nude Louboutins directly to her job, complete with five long stemmed red roses to signify each year that you’ve spent Valentine’s Day together, buuuut she hasn’t actually seen you all day, or even this week for that matter! Yes, while we most certainly understand that hard work obviously has to be implemented in order for you to provide us nice things, we also need you to understand that your presence means the World to us. All of the trinkets in the Universe can’t comfort a lonely woman. You better make time for what’s really important!!

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