A Guy Who Does These 6 Things, Is Totally in Love With You

The old stereotype says that it’s impossible to tell that a man is in love, but that’s an outdated idea. Emotions aren’t scary. Feelings aren’t anything to fear. Enlightened men know that. Informed women know that men are more than capable of feeling and showing their love—you just have to know where to look. Although every man is different, there are universal signs that a guy is in love, head over heels, and all up in his feelings for someone. They’re rarely obvious, but they’re not so subtle that you won’t notice them. Just don’t let any of the old tropes cloud your vision.

1. He Tags You Just to Make You Smile

It’s 2017. Tagging someone in a meme is a sign of love. Any boy who thinks of you after watching a lady assault a drive-thru employee with McNuggets is more than just serious about you. That kid is in L-O-V-E. Seriously, a guy who tries to make you smile throughout the day isn’t only in it to smash. It seems silly, even innocuous, but he’s trying his best to bring you joy. Honestly, how many other people take time out of their day to share something they think you’d enjoy?

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