A Man Who Does 9 These Things Is Not Marriage Material

Not everyone wants to get married, but if you do, then you naturally don’t want to waste time dating guys who don’t want the same thing. What would be the point? The problem is that it’s way too easy to invest your time and emotions into some dude only to discover that you really do not want to be stuck with him until death do you part. Keep an eye out for the warning signs before you fall head over heels for someone who’s not at your level.

1. He Refuses to Compromise Over Anything

No marriage will ever succeed without compromise. The couple might stay married, but guaranteed, one of them is utterly miserable or secretly resentful. Compromise of the cornerstone of every healthy relationship, whether it results in marriage or not. A man who won’t compromise is too stubborn to be marriage material. He won’t budge, so ask yourself—do you really want to be married to a rock? A dude who won’t work with you not only doesn’t value your opinion, but clearly only values his own. Eff that. Say, “I don’t.”

2. He Tells Lies of Any Shape or Size

Little white lies don’t seem so bad until they pile up until you’re ever sure what’s a fib and what’s for real. Dishonesty is insidious that way. Large or small, an untruth will always weigh on your mind. You don’t want to spend the rest of your life wondering if your spouse is telling the truth. Don’t believe that BS about how small lies don’t matter, either. A dude who lies about his penis size or his job title can lie about anything else, too.

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