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NEVADA MAN Animal Abuser Gets The Maximum Sentence

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NEVADA MAN Animal Abuser Gets The Maximum Sentence

NEVADA MAN WHO TORTURED AND KILLED DOGS GETS 28 YEARS IN PRISON . Warning: This article contains disturbing descriptions of violence against dogs.

I mostly don’t post things like this, but I was so glad to see the judge give this guy the maximum sentence.  I just wish he could have given him life without the chance of parole.  We do not want to let this guy out of jail.  He’s not just cruel, he’s psycho!  When asked if he’d ever thought about doing this to humans he answered, “Dogs are good for right now.”

We don’t want him back on the streets.  Hopefully some dog loving prisoners will make sure he never does get out.  Murder is murder whether it’s a human or a dog!

25 year old Jason Brown was buying dogs on Craigslist then torturing and killing them while he recorded it all.  That is beyond sick!  Even his lawyer and the judge said in all their years they had never seen anything like this.  I hope he never gets out!

See caninesrule for the rest of the article.

Read the article below if you can stomach it.

The man accused of torturing and decapitating 5 dogs he bought off of Craigslist has been sentenced to up to 28 years in jail.

Jason Brown, 25, was arrested last year after a maid at a Reno, Nevada motel discovered a dog’s head in the bath and other parts all over the bathroom. Police arrived on the scene and found four more dog heads in the room’s refrigerator. Investigators also found the skins of the dogs including a newborn puppy. In the days leading up to the grizzly discovery, Brown had not let cleaners into the room.

When Brown returned to the motel and noticed he had been discovered, he ran away. He was later arrested by police and accused of five felony counts of willful torture of an animal and one count of possession of a controlled substance, methamphetamine.

Brown is believed to have bought at least two Chihuahuas off of Craigslist. Brown previously is said to have confided in a close family friend that he was having urges of rage and had even killed a friend’s dog. He apparently went on to say that killing dogs made him feel high.

See Reshareworthy for the rest of the article.

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