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Top Relationship Goals For Every Couple

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Relationship Goals For Every Couple

If you’re with the man you intend to spend the rest of your life with, you should set some relationship goals for the two of you. They don’t have to be anything serious, like getting married or having kids. They should just be fun activities that you can eventually cross off the list. Here are some adorable relationship goals every long-lasting couple should have:

1. Take a Disney Vacation

How much fun would it be to take a trip to Disney (or Hawaii, or Paris) with your partner? Even if you hate plane rides, you’ll have fun, because you’ll get to joke around with your boyfriend for the whole flight. You’ll even be able to sleep on his shoulder when you run out of energy–not to mention that you’ll have an entire hotel room to yourselves once you reach your destination!

2. Go to a Music Festival

Don’t you want to sit on your boyfriend’s shoulders while he walks you around the beach? A music festival would be a blast for any couple, even if they’re not the biggest fans of any bands. When they don’t feel like listening to tunes, they can go get some food or party it up!

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