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9 Relationship Rules Every Girl Should Follow

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Relationship Rules Every Girl

Relationships is now days become  very difficult, complicated and messy. Almost every person had or having some issue in relationship specially girls. Girls thinks they have not so many option after breakup or bad experience but believe me they are wrong. In this article sharing 9 Relationship Rules Every Girl Should Follow.  People get hurt, betrayed and humiliated, but you need to take that with a pinch of salt because when it’s good and right, they can be pretty damn amazing too, it’s just about finding the right person and clicking. It’s only when you find yourself in a relationship that it becomes obvious that some people fancy themselves as some sort of relationship guru with nothing but scrolls of advice to lay out in front of you. That said, there are some key pieces of relationship advice, some static rules that can and must never be broken. Here are 9 key relationship rules every girl must follow:

1. Don’t play mind games but do make them work for you, from time to time.

I’m not suggesting that you go down the route of waiting roughly four hours before replying to their text and always cancelling plans at the very last moment, because that gets very old very fast. What I am saying is that you shouldn’t spend every last minute glued to your computer waiting for them to write to you. Have a life separate from them, live it, spend time with your friends, family and yourself and above all, don’t make them the center of your universe. Make them come to you sometimes.

2. Communication is everything.

Skip out on communicating your problems, worries and woes to one another and you may as well skip out on this relationship. If you know someone really well, you’ll know when they’re just not themselves, when something is up or things are going awry. Instead of not facing things head on, people tend to sit back and let these problems fester, which, believe me, is the worst thing you can do. Talk it out, starting right now.

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