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15 Secret Things Guys Wish Girls Knew About Guys

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Secret Things Guys Wish Girls Knew

Want to know the some secrets guys keep but wish you could know? Here are 15 things guys wish girls knew about them that will help you read his mind better.Here are 15 things that guys wish girls knew better, because it would make the world such a perfect place, with more love and a lot more understanding between the sexes.

#1 His man tears.

Guys cry, and at times, they even scrunch their big faces and cry like ugly babies. Take him to a tear jerking chick flick or an emotional inspirational movie and you’ll see him wiping his face with his sleeves when you’re engrossed in the movie.

Guys cry, but they hate it. They don’t like losing control of their tear ducts, especially in front of a girl *unless he’s already cried in front of her before*. So if you catch him sobbing discreetly form the corner of your eye, don’t turn around and laugh at his face. He’ll feel helpless and weak, and he’ll hate you for it.

#2 Guys hurt more.

Guys may pretend like they don’t care, or they may choose to walk away instead of having a conversation, but that doesn’t mean they don’t hurt inside. If a guy’s experiencing a broken heart, it hurts him a lot more than you think. And the worst part, it sucks because no one else knows he’s crying inside other than him!

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