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15 Signs You’ve Found Yourself A Great Boyfriend

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Signs You've Found A Great Boyfriend

You’re in a relationship with a guy you like, congrats! You are enjoying your time together and now you have to decide whether this guy is for the long haul. Whether he is your soul mate or you aren’t sure, here are the 15 Signs You Have A Great Boyfriend.

1) He is reliable

He never lets you down and he never cancels plans. You always know you can rely on him.

2) He makes you laugh

Even if he isn’t funny to the public he has you in hysterics. He is always making you laugh and you just cannot get enough.

3) He is consistent

He treats you well consistently. He doesn’t blow hot and cold. He doesn’t treat you like shit and then make up for it with an elaborate gesture. He is always nice.neest

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