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2 years ago

10 Things Guys Do That Girls Find Extremely Hot

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Guys have no idea that even the simplest of things can be so hot. It’s not all about looks, you know. Just having a nice personality and being kind can make you super hot. So please guys, always do these 12 things, because us girls would really appreciate it. (Yes, I am aware that I’ve used only gifs of Chris Evans. Yes, I am aware that I have a problem…..)

1.  Saying your name unexpectantly at the end of a sentence.

Woah. There’s just something nice about hearing your name being mentioned aloud, it makes us feel all important and fuzzy and stuff. *Giggles*

2.  Maintaining eye contact.

It lets us know that you’re actually listening to us (which a girl always wants). As a bonus, if you glance down at our lips every once in a while, we might jump you. Just a warning….

3. When they roll their sleeves up.

Forearms. All of the forearms…


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