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2 years ago

You’ve Been Pooping Wrong Your Whole Life.. And You Don’t Even Know About It!

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I was really shocked when i read this article on some where than i decide i will share this post to more people  i hope you guys will share it after reading this post.They say life is lived when you’re learning something. And as we all do know, there’s enough to learn for us never to be able to complete the process of learning in our entire life! Some people learn the easy way, and some the hard way, through horrible accidents!

But well, here’s something to learn the easy way, but do brace yourself, because it’s going to be a major shocker! You’ve been popping the wrong way your entire life! Read on to see why, and what the correct way is.

pooping wrong

1. Well, basically if you’re a western person, then you’ve been doing your business the wrong way all this time! And here’s the correct way to do it.

you are pooping wrongyhwala

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